Our vision is to help your people love the work they do.

The vast majority of employees are not engaged in their work. They feel overworked, stressed and anxious about their future.

Our approach is one of true partnership, creating organisations where people are able to be at their best more of the time so that businesses can flourish.

We delivery exceptional work across Culture, Leadership, Mindset and Capability.


Our Process

We help our clients create organisations where people are at their best most of the time so that businesses can flourish.

Stephen Fortune Consulting has been helping individuals, teams and organisations turn startegy into action be it face-to-face or virtually.

We work with many of the world’s most admired companies from individuals, to first line managers to senior leaders of business.


How: Approach

We help your business to be better. We do this this through your culture and your people.

We listen to what you want to create, immerse ourselves in your business, and gather intelligence.

We will challenge you to the level you are comfortable and partner to create exceptional solutions for real change.


How: Solution

We help you develop the mindset, skills and behaviours of individuals, managers and leaders to give them the tools they need to address key issues in the workplace and help your businesses to thrive.

How do we do this? We help everyone (at every level) make sense of their goals and priorities.

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